The Children

In a remote outpost in the desolate cold, generation after generation of men work together to keep The Great Machine alive. It’s a society led by dogma as old as time itself. As they eagerly await the arrival of the next generation, a shocking discovery threatens their way of life, and all they believe in. Everything. Must. Go.

Creative Team

*LAMDA staff member or visiting artist

Writers & Directors
Jonathan Reid-Edwards*
Kate Tuck*

Production Team

Production Coordinator
Raveena Ambani

Production Trainee
Baris Arman


Brother Walt
Rithvik Andugula

Brother Key
Jamie Ankrah

Brother James
Arseniy Cassidy

Brother Oliver
Elijah Cook

Brother Josh
Alexandre Costet- Barmada

Brother Tim
Luke Gallagher

Brother Ethan
Luke Hammond

Brother Lenny
Mark Hannah

Brother Nate
Sam Howard-Sneyd

Brother Owen
Ethan Hughes

Brother Stephen
Romeo Mika

Brother David
Francis Nunnery

Brother Jacob
Anthony Nyro

Brother Evan
Dhruv Ravi

Brother Niall
Tienne Simon

Brother Dan
Imani Yahshua

Brother Finn
Jerome Yates