What happens on the day of a LAMDA exam

You’re all booked in. You know your pieces back to front and upside down. Now what?

Exam day checklist 

  • Learner Examination Report 
  • ID (if you are over 16 on the day of your exam) - see the FAQ on ID here
  • Legible copies of the pieces you are performing  
  • Any equipment or props you need for your exam 

Preparing for exam day and taking your exam

The process
  1. Leave enough travelling time

    You should plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your allocated exam time. Check train times and traffic updates in advance. If you arrive late, you may not be able to take your exam and you will need to rebook and pay your exam fee again. 

    Before you leave home, double check that you have everything you need. Use the above checklist to help. You should have your Learner Examination Report all filled in and ready.  

  2. Remember your ID and forms

    If you are taking an exam which asks you to choose your own pieces, the Learner Examination Report is the place to tell us what you are performing.

    ​​​​In the space provided write the titles of the pieces, the writers’ names and the names of the characters. Make sure that you also bring a legible copy of the text along with you for the examiner to see. 

    If you are 16 or over on the day of your exam, you will need to bring ID with you.

  3. Check your props

    If you require any equipment or props for your exam, you’re going to need to check that you have them and that they are working. 

    We do not provide musical or sound equipment, pianos, keyboards, page turners or accompanists – so if you are planning on using these in your exam make sure you have all of this arranged beforehand. 

  4. When you arrive

    As soon as you arrive at the centre, go to the registration desk and tell them who you are and what exam you are taking. If you are 16 years or older, you will also need to present your ID. If you think you are entered in for the wrong exam, now is the time to tell us. We will ask you to fill in a form and tell us what exam you should be doing.

    Once you are signed in, you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area. Take this time to go over your pieces again, or just relax. If the exam room is running early or behind, we will let you know.

    ​​​​When it is time to take your exam, a steward will call your name. They will take you from the waiting area to the room where you will be doing your exam. When your Examiner is ready for you, your steward will take you into the exam room and introduce you to the Examiner. If you have changed the exam you were entered for, the steward will give your form to the Examiner before you start.

    • During the exam

      The examiner will guide you through your exam. Remember to tell them which exam you are doing and introduce the pieces you are performing.

      When you’ve finished your pieces, the examiner will ask you a few questions. You are encouraged to ask for questions or instructions to be repeated if they are unclear to you. Examiners will be happy to rephrase any questions or instructions if necessary.

      • After the exam

        That’s it! One of the stewards will take you back to the waiting area and then you’re free to leave. 

        Your examiner will forward their report to us and we’ll check that everything is in order and send out your results. See Exam Noticeboard for the latest timeframe for exam results.