Group Devising Drama

Collaboration is the heart of drama. This dynamic and interactive exam brings learners together to devise brand new scenes from scratch.
A group of LAMDA learners in rehearsal

About the Group Devising Drama exam

The Group Devising Drama exam gives learners the opportunity to create their own work together, developing characters and writing their own scenes. 

Groups can be made up of between three and 15 learners, with every member helping to create the work before performing it together.   

At the higher grades, the group will explore ideas like physical theatre, the chorus and narration. They will widen their skills and show off their techniques within the scenes they are creating. 

Teamwork is essential. The group is graded as a whole, receiving one collective result for all their hard work.  

This is a non-regulated examination.

Teaching the Group Devising Drama exam

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What does the exam involve? 

Type of exam: Group

Time allowance: 10 minutes 

  • Performing one scene devised by the group 

Please see the syllabus for full details. 

Type of exam: Group 

Time allowance: 15 minutes 

  • Performing one scene devised by the group, the title set by LAMDA.

Please see the syllabus for full details. 

Type of exam: Group 

Time allowance: 20 minutes 

  • Performing one scene, or sequence of scenes, devised by the group, the title set by LAMDA.

Please see the syllabus for full details.

Type of exam: Group 

Time allowance: 30 minutes 


  • one scene, or sequence of scenes, devised by the group, as detailed in the syllabus
  • one short improvised scene (stimulus provided by the examiner)

Please see the syllabus for full details. 


Full details of the requirements, assessment criteria and regulations can be found in the LAMDA Group Graded Examinations Syllabus. 

Resources & Teaching Materials

How to find the set pieces for each exam

The list of set pieces for each Exam can be found in the corresponding syllabi for each exam. You can download the syllabi as a free pdf via our Download Centre or visit our online shop.

We are unable to verify the suitability of own choice pieces, please refer to the Exam Content and Assessment and Grading Criteria detailed for the exam subject and grade entered.

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What syllabi will I need for this exam?

All our syllabi listed below are available for free via download, or you can purchase our full range of publications from our online shop.

You will need: 

  • Group Syllabus from August 2019

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