Solo/Duo Musical Theatre

Learn how to tell a captivating story through song with vibrant characterisation and strong acting technique.
A LAMDA learner taking an exam

About the Solo/Duo Musical Theatre exam

Our Musical Theatre learners develop their acting skills through song. They use vocal techniques to convey the right mood, and engage with the material to form a thoughtful interpretation of the song. 

As they progress through the grades, learners explore characterisation through monologues or duologues, which are performed in character and act as an introduction to their songs. They’ll also deepen their understanding of the history of musical theatre by performing songs from a range of eras, and by researching the work and influence of one of its composers or lyricists.

Learners can either take their Musical Theatre exams by themselves (solo) or with a fellow learner (duo). 

LAMDA is recognised to award qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), in Wales by Qualifications Wales (QiW), and in Northern Ireland by the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA). 

Not only do these exams give learners the confidence to perform solo or in groups, but it also develops their confidence for all situations in life


What does the exam involve? 

Type of exam: Solo or Duo 

Time allowance: 10-15 minutes  

Performing one song from memory  

Answering questions about the characters 

Type of exam: Solo or Duo

Time allowance: 15-20 minutes 

Performing two songs from memory  

Answering questions about: 

  • the characters 
  • the location 
  • the mood 
  • the plot 
  • the difference between head voice and chest voice 

Type of exam: Solo or Duo 

Time allowance: 25-30 minutes  


  • two songs from memory  
  • a short text in character for one song 
  • lyrics from a song as a monologue

Answering questions about: 

  • the themes 
  • the characters 
  • the choice of text 
  • the choice of staging 
  • the meaning of technical terms 

Type of exam: Solo or Duo 

Time allowance: 30-40 minutes  


  • three songs from memory  
  • a short text in character for all three songs 
  • lyrics from a song as a monologue 

Answering questions about: 

  • the musical styles of the songs 
  • the work and influence of one of the composer or lyricists 
  • the characters 
  • the influence of a musical theatre practitioner 
  • the development process for the performance 
  • breathing and vocal techniques


Full details of the requirements, assessment criteria and regulations can be found in the LAMDA Musical Theatre Solo/Due Graded Examinations Syllabus. 


All our syllabi are available for download, or you can purchase our full range of publications from our online shop.

You will need: 

  • Musical Theatre Solo/Duo Graded Examinations Syllabus       

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