MishMash Workshop One

Workshop One // Teamwork with the Pappyshow

Working collaboratively to develop your creative piece

Facilitated by an industry expert.

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Weston Studio

Running time:
Running time 90 minutes - 2 hours.

Performance date & time:
Saturday 30 April at 1pm


Workshop One // Teamwork with the Pappyshow

Working collaboratively to develop your creative piece

Do you want to create your own work, but don’t see yourself as a writer? This workshop is for you.

This is a practical workshop that will explore The PappyShow’s playful approach to creating and devising material. Over the workshop, we will look at approaches to making movement and playing games, delving into collaborative and inclusive approaches, introducing you to how you can make your own work and explore your own voice.

No previous experience necessary, you may want to wear clothes you feel comfortable and can move in.

About The PappyShow

The PappyShow are a playful and physical ensemble theatre company who create distinctive and critically acclaimed productions, lead inclusive workshops rooted in kindness, and work tirelessly to develop the industry we move in through connection and uplifting. Formed in 2013 by Kane Husbands to bring people together to move, dance, create moments of radical joy, share stories and take time just to PLAY! The PappyShow work across performance and platform marginalised identities. We use exercise and training to devise and create work. We are a diverse company and difference and diversity are the cornerstones to our work and process. We work with actors, dancers, movers and non-performers, but we only ever expect you to be yourself - we are just US. We use a physical and therapeutic approach to create our work

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