Looking to book a LAMDA Exam? Discover our top tips for booking in your date(s)

Tips for Booking Exams

05 January 2023

The start of term is an ideal time to think ahead and plan for upcoming exams. If you’re planning when’s best for your learners to take their exams in 2023, read our tops tips below:

  • Aim for January, February, April and May if you attend our London Public centre exams - it tends to be quieter and you’re likely to get your results sooner.
  • If you're planning to book a Remote Online Assessment opt for February or April. 
  • If you tend to book Face to Face exams or host exams at your own Private Centre, the end of July is a brilliant option, it beats the crowds and will end the term on a high. All you need to remember is quieter, means quicker!
  • Put your preferred day as Saturday - Saturday's often have less less travel disruptions, and you can get the most out of what the city has to offer. If you're visiting London or another major UK city, why not see what youth and education discounts are available for theatre trips to make the day extra special.
  • Collect exam fees from your learners as soon as you know who you are entering and for which exam. Once you have everything organised, pay LAMDA in one transaction using our easy to use Stripe payment gateway.

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