LAMDA Connect

Introducing a brand new way to make connections, share resources and keep up-to-date with the LAMDA community online.

Why we created the platform

We created this platform after hearing from alumni about their desires to re-connect and support one another post-graduation, across all sectors and industries, not only the arts industry.

We're also keen to support our LAMDA Exams department and unite the teachers and examiners that span over 40 countries worldwide.

Who is the platform for?

This platform is designed for alumni as well as our expanding global LAMDA Exams community. The distinct groups on the platform will allow our users to have tailored experiences within the platform and allow them to see and hear both LAMDA and user generated content that's relevant to their personal interests.

The benefits of joining LAMDA Connect

How to join LAMDA Connect and get started

The process
  1. Sign up for LAMDA Connect

    Use the link below to visit the LAMDA Connect registration page. If you're a subscriber to our alumni news or our LAMDA Exams mailing list you'll receive an email inviting you to join LAMDA Connect.

  2. How registration works

    Joining the platform is easy, you can automatically fill in your information by creating a log in through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google or Email if you already have an account on one of these platforms. This is a great way to fill in the answers and save you time. Once you've completed the registration you'll be added to the site immediately, unless our admin team have to check your details, which can take 2-3 working days. During this time we are just checking that the platform only accepts those actually affiliated with LAMDA. You'll receive notification emails along the way, so you know where you are with the process.

  3. Update your profile

    Once your registration on LAMDA Connect has been approved, you'll receive an email notification. From there you can reach out to your fellow users and will be able to join groups on the site and interact with like-minded users, for example with fellow alumni or the class from your graduating year.

Have a technical query or concern during the registration process?

Contact the platform support team with a support request

Contact Support

Any other queries?

Contact LAMDA via [email protected]