Scholarships & bursaries

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LAMDA’s Scholarships & Bursaries scheme 

This programme aims to provide the vital support necessary for students to overcome the financial barriers they face to access and complete our training, allowing students to focus fully on their course without the burden of financial strain. 

We currently provide scholarship support to 28% of students across our student cohorts. Applicants will be contacted about scholarships when they receive an offer to train at LAMDA, however some scholarships can be applied for externally. 

All scholarship applicants must possess the means to fund their training costs at LAMDA before applying for scholarship support. This includes applying for applicable undergraduate or postgraduate loans in the UK, US or home countries. 

There is always a greater need for scholarships than what we can currently provide, and we are working to increase the number of scholarships available to ensure that finance is not a barrier to students from under-represented groups who wish to access LAMDA’s training.

LAMDA’s scholarships usually range between £3,000 - £15,000 and are funded through grants from trusts and foundations, companies and individual donors and are reviewed on an annual basis. 

Find further information on the scholarships we have available for incoming students who meet eligibility criteria is below.

Please note that, unless specified, the following scholarships are for UK nationals or those with settled status in the UK.

  • The Audible UK Scholarship: Supports an incoming BA (Hons) student providing a Full Scholarship (Full Tuition Fees and a Yearly Living Stipend) for an incoming BA (Hons) Acting Student for the duration of the 3-year course.
  • The ITV Tony Warren Bursary Award (from £2,000 to £15,000): Designed to support an incoming [Undergraduate] BA (Hons) Acting Student from the North-West of England.
  • The Overstall Scholarship (up to £10,000 per annum): Designed to support an incoming [Undergraduate] BA (Hons) Acting Student throughout the duration of their course at LAMDA. 

Please note, these scholarships are maintenance only and cannot be applied against fees. 

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship: Supports an incoming student with a full-fees scholarship and travel bursary for the duration of their studies on the BA (Hons) Production and Technical Arts: Stage & Screen course.
  • The Portal Trust Scholarships: Supports two incoming students from the LAMDA Pathways Programme with a full maintenance scholarship towards living costs for the duration of their Production & Technical Arts: Stage and Screen course.
  • The Isabel Monk Foundation Scholarships: As part of our commitment to opening pathways to Higher Education, we award two full tuition fee scholarships to two students per year on the Foundation Diploma. This award includes a £1,000 Bursary towards travel costs, distributed in two instalments of £500 (one per academic term). One of these Scholarships is awarded through our Pathways programme. If you are offered a place on the Foundation course, you will be contacted with information on how to apply. 
  • The D'Oyly Carte Foundation Travel Bursaries: Three £1,000 travel bursaries are available to students from low-income households for the duration of their studies on the Foundation course. These will be disbursed in two instalments of £500 (one per academic term). 
  • The Clothworkers Bursary Awards (up to £15,000 per annum): are designed to support a UK-based incoming undergraduate student throughout the duration of their academic degree. 
  • Leverhulme Arts Scholarships: Awards of between £3,000-£12,000 per annum and can support with fees and/or maintenance costs throughout the duration of a degree. 
  • Leverhulme Arts Scholarships: Awards of between £3,000-£12,000 per annum and can support with fees and/or maintenance costs throughout the duration of a degree. These scholarships are available for all postgraduate courses.
  • Overstall Musical Theatre Scholarship: £10,000 towards fees and/or maintenance costs for an incoming postgraduate student on the MA in Musical Theatre. 

None of the scholarships available to postgraduate students are able to cover both tuition fees and living costs entirely, and applicants for these courses are encouraged to consider other funding sources.

Find out more about further support

International Students Scholarships

The Fulbright John Wood LAMDA Award (US students only), for an incoming student on the MA Classical Acting for the Professional Theatre course, provides a full tuition fee scholarship as well as a living stipend. Applications from students from under-served populations are encouraged.

This award is generously provided through an endowment from the MLDauray Arts Initiative. You can find out more on the Fulbright website. Applications for this scholarship are made directly to Fulbright, not LAMDA, and open annually in early November.

How to apply for a scholarship or bursary

The process
  1. Start early

    Competition for scholarships is fierce, so make sure you are fully prepared to explore alternate options to fund your time at LAMDA. Start thinking about how you will fund your training early and ensure you put in your applications for any student finance and applicable loans. 

  2. Once you're offered a place, fill out your application

    Scholarship application forms are sent out when we offer you a place.

    When accepting your place at LAMDA, make sure you understand what financial support you are going to need to pay the fees and support yourself throughout the course.