Rory Mullarkey’s


Rory Mullarkey

Sara Malik 

The Carne Studio Theatre 

Wednesday 14 April at 7:45pm
Thursday 15 April at 7:45pm 
(live streamed)
Friday 16 April at 12 noon (live streamed)

About the show

“This has escalated quickly” 

There are two things to do when standing in the square of your typical market town. Buy ice cream. And watch the world go by. 

But when the world comes hurtling past at a surreal pace it can be hard to keep up. Fall in love. Get married. Make a baby.  

Except while that’s all happening there’s also the matter of the lightning strikes (lots), explosions (even more) and deaths (tricky to even count), and now there’s a war on. 

Red versus blue. 

At least the ice cream is only a bit melty. 

Rory Mullarkey is an acclaimed writer whose awards include the James Tait Black Prize for Drama and The George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright (both 2014). Rory was also the recipient of the Royal Court’s Harold Pinter Commission (2015) and was previously the Pearson Playwright at the Royal Exchange, Manchester. Rory is currently under commission to the Almeida Theatre, the Nuffield Theatre Southampton and the Michael Grandage Company. In addition to his own work, Rory is a translator of Russian and Ukrainian drama, and has translated plays for the Royal Court Theatre, the National Theatre and the Free Theatre of Belarus.

Includes scenes of a distressing nature and flashing lights. 

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Photos: Alex Brenner


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Creative Team

Sara Malik

Set & Costume Designer
Grace Smart

Assistant Director
Jess Haygarth 

Lighting Designer
Amy Hill 

Sound Designer
Annie Kraszewska 

Movement Directors
Kwami Odoom
Rachel Hosker

Voice Tutor
Jeremy Finch


Supervisor, The Press, Red Warlord
Victor Ciri

Owner, Sniper, Captain, Former Mayor, Red Soldier, Angel
Conor Dumbrell

Someone Screaming, The Press, Looter, Blue  Soldier, Sal the Postwoman
Jude Mack

Daughter, Daughter’s Ghost
Julia Messina

Manager, Prime Minister, Speaking Paramilitary, Purple Soldier
Emmanuel Olusanya

Dominic Rawson

Co-Worker, The Press, Paramilitary Army, Red Soldier, Doctor 
Isabel Salazar

Someone Bleeding, The Press, Paramilitary Army, Blue Warlord 
Caitlin Scott

Professor, Professor’s Ghost, Hotshot Reporter, Blue Soldier, Famous Actor 
Joe Sefton

Production Team

Production Manager
Emma Kaas Andersen 

Technical Stage Manager (Chief LX)
Sam Tate  

Technical Stage Manager (Assistant LX)
Tara Daynes 

Technical Stage Manager (Sound)
Brent Tan  

Deputy Stage Manager
Waverly Moran 

Production Sound Engineer
Sophie O’Neill 

Costume Supervisor
Georgia Rose

Streaming Supervisor
Gusta Matthews 

Photos: SRTaylor Photography