Music at LAMDA

Industry connections and experienced teaching

Students on all of our courses work with specialist practitioners and industry experts. Meet the LAMDA staff & course leaders and recent visiting creatives to find out more.

Musical Theatre productions

Our Musical Theatre courses feature a public-facing musical production and showcase. In the final term, actors from the BA (Hons) and MFA Professional acting courses perform a musical, supported by the Production and Technical Arts students who work as senior production crew on every production across lighting, sound, stage management and more.

LAMDA Exams in Musical Theatre

Learners can choose from a range of performance or communication qualifications. As part of our performance exams, we offer Musical Theatre solo/duo and group exams for aspiring performers as part of a LAMDA qualification. 

Our Musical Theatre learners develop their acting skills through song on our Solo/Duo Musical Theatre exam and our Group Musical Theatre exams encourage learners to develop both their musical and acting skills as a group of 3-15 – performing their scenes and songs together as a full cast.

Alumni adventures into Music