Music at LAMDA

Take a closer look at music at LAMDA

While LAMDA does not have a Musical Theatre degree course, music is an integral part of the training LAMDA provides on its acting courses and is offered as a qualification via LAMDA Exams.

All acting students have music and singing classes as part of the skills training, but these are focused on music skills that may be needed to be an actor, and works in 'harmony' with the rest of the timetable. We include a collaboration with the Screen and Audio department, and much of the first year focuses on singing 'as yourself' and finding the connection between a character's speaking voice and their musical voice.

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The summer term Musical Theatre production

In the final term, actors from the BA and MFA Professional acting courses perform a musical, supported by the Production and Technical Arts students who work as senior production crew on every production across lighting, sound, stage management and more. In Summer 2022 students will be performing Jesus Christ Superstar, in previous years the students have performed Little Shops of Horrors and other musicals.

The BA and MFA Professional Acting students also learn how to teach LAMDA Exams in their final year. This is a unique to LAMDA courses and we also offer Musical Theatre solo and duo exams for aspiring performers as part of a LAMDA qualification.

Alumni in Musical Theatre and music-based ventures