ColLAB: Showing 2

Dead and Kicking, The Drifters, Salmon Stephens Productions Presents... Salmon v Simon

Performance Dates & Times
Wednesday 5 July at 2:30pm
Thursday 6 July at 11am
Thursday 6 July at 7pm

The running time is approximately 2 hours.

The Carne Studio Theatre

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Dead and Kicking:
Contains references to death and suicide, depiction of dissociative episode, smoking, and strobing lights.

The Drifters:
Contains references to death, homelessness, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salmon Stephens Productions Presents... Salmon v Simon:
Contains references to police brutality, corruption and capital punishment.

About the pieces

Dead and Kicking

In October 2017, Jeanne Pouchain’s passport application is declined. Her identification documents are rejected and her bank records have disappeared. Upon investigation, she finds she has been legally declared dead in a courtroom where she was not present. She spends the next few years trying to prove what should be painfully obvious: she is very much alive.

Martha Barnett

Stage Management
Elisabetta Perrotta

The Drifters

Life has never quite gotten off the ground for the drifters, both figuratively and literally. They’ve been waiting a long time, for something to happen, for life to begin, for someone else to talk to. Maybe they’ll arrive soon?

Stage Management
Maia Thompson

Salmon Stephens Productions Presents... Salmon v Simon

Something fishy is going on in the Carne…

What exactly happened on the evening of May 4th 2023?

One man, one heinous crime, one verdict.

You decide.

An absurd exploration of one of this country’s most shocking laws.

Robert Elwood

Stage Management
Peter Johnston

Production team across all pieces:

**LAMDA staff member or visiting artist

Lauren Mooney**

Production Managers
Rebecca Lyle**
Nic Donithorn**