William Shakespeare's

Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

Rachel Valentine Smith

The Sainsbury Theatre

Saturday 4 September at 7:30pm
(livestreamed performance)
Monday 6 September at 2pm
Tuesday 7 September at 7:30pm
Wednesday 8 September at 2pm

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About the show

"Which death is preferably to every other? The unexpected."

Riled by the success and status of the newly returned Julius Caesar, a plot led by Brutus and Cassius ensues to assassinate him to prevent him becoming even more powerful and the King of Rome.

Written in 1599 for the opening of The Globe Theatre, Shakespeare's history play/tragedy Julius Caesar, is believed by some to have been written to foreshadow Queen Elizabeth I's death and convey Shakespeare's worry of the potential civil unrest and warn of the threat to the country, left without an heir. A political thriller, Julius Caesar explores public and private struggles, morality and fate.

There are multiple death scenes (stabbings, murders) and mentions of suicide. Haze and flashing lights also appear in this production.

Creative Team

Rachel Valentine Smith

Valentine Gigandet

Lighting Designer & AV
Luca Panetta  

Sound Designer
Bella Kear 

Movement Director
Laura Dredger

Fight Director
Joe Reed

Vocal Coach
Paula Stephens


Soothsayer, Brutus B
Elliott Chase

Portia, Lepidus
Alex Gonzalez

Metellus, Cassius B
Carolyn Hartvigsen

Calpurnia, First Citizen, Octavius
Sara Laughtin

Cassius A, Titinius
Anastasia Le Gendre

Antony A, Varro
Allana Matheis

Caesar, Lucius
Mohana Rajagopal

Marullus, Cinna, Antony B
Deidre Rose

​​​​Casca, Lucillius
Allie Shoop

Brutus A, Claudius
Lauren Sperling

Flavius, Decius, Cinna the Poet, Messala
Tina Tieno

Production Team

Production Manager
Olivia Saint

Stage Manager
Anna Kraszewska

Deputy Stage Manager
Rebecca Palser

Assistant Stage Manager
Josette Shipp

Stage Camera Operator
Stephanie Siraut

Wardrobe Supervisor
Olivia Weltz

Wardrobe Assistant
Rianna Azoro

​​​​​​Chief Electricians
Ben Garcia
Callum Watson
Marie Zschommler

Production Sound Engineer
Sam Maslin 

Production Carpenter
Ruth Burgon

Construction Crew
Harry Masters

Scenic Artists
Katy Ross
Ellie Penney

​​​​​​Vision Mixer
Sophia Markou

Streaming Supervisor
Joe Tomlinson

Camera Operators
Brent Tan
Sophia Markou

Photos by Alex Brenner