4-Week Shakespeare Summer School

This summer short course is a practical, in-depth exploration of Shakespearean text and is suitable for students of all abilities.
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In-person at LAMDA

Course fee
UK & International applicants:

Application fee

Course length & date
Four weeks, from Monday 8 July 2024 – Friday 2 August 2024

Application deadline
Friday 7 June at 3pm (UK time)

Applications are closed. Learn more about our 2-Week programme.

Please note, applying does not guarantee you a place on this course. Our Short Courses Team will be in contact with you if you are offered a place.

Is this course for me?

This is an intense burst of training that offers practical techniques and approaches for working as an actor with Shakespeare's texts.

The course is taught by LAMDA teachers and directors who offer unparalleled insight and knowledge into his plays. This course is great if you don't have much previous acting experience and want to learn more about Shakespeare.

Looking for a longer exploration of classical texts? Discover our 8-Week Shakespeare Summer School or our Autumn Semester Programme.

All about the course

You will be taught by industry professionals that will support you in developing the practical skills and techniques you'll need to perform the works of Shakespeare.

​​​The course has the perfect balance of being both creative and practical. You will take part in workshop rehearsals in which a piece of Shakespeare will be brought to life and shared in an internal performance, as well as learn technical elements through voice classes, which will cover the technique required to speak and project Shakespeare. In addition, you will also learn text analysis, which will to help demystify the play text and teach you how to approach any Shakespeare piece.

During the four weeks, you'll work with directors on an abridged (1hr15) version of a Shakespeare play. You'll take part in rehearsals every day, alongside your skills classes, which will augment the work you do in rehearsal and performance. This project culminates in a relaxed internal sharing.

This course not only offers classes on Shakespeare, but also classes in music, voice, movement, and stage combat, all tailored to improve vocal and physical application for working with Shakespeare text. All of the above offers a glimpse into what LAMDA training on full-time courses looks like. At LAMDA we believe in the joy in interrogating the many complexities that surround the classical canon, and we will together explore historical context of Shakespeare and his contemporaries then, as well as look at its relevance now.

This course happens alongside the 8-week Shakespeare Summer School with applicants from all over the world, so there will be a vast LAMDA community to benefit from during the time of the course.

What will I learn?

  • You will have classes in music, acting technique, voice, movement and stage combat.
  • You will be introduced to methods and approaches to analyse and understand Shakespearean texts, so that you can approach any piece with confidence in the future.
  • You will understand how to bring Shakespeare pieces to life with detail and a strong focus on storytelling
  • You will gain insight and feedback from our expert teachers and directors who will empower you every step of the way and help you de-mystify the works of Shakespeare & his contemporaries.


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Key information

Acting experience is required, but it does not have to be professional, nor does it have to be with classical text.

You should have a level of English that is approximately IELTS 6.0. Although English language tests aren't mandatory, we recommend that if you are a non-native English speaker without a Level 6 IELTS, then you must have the equivalent English language experience. This may be assessed via telephone call by the Admissions team.

You can apply for this course through LAMDA directly. We advise you to apply early, as places are limited.

Fee: £3,075 (for UK and international students)

Application fee: £21

Please note, applying does not guarantee you a place on this course. Our Short Courses Team will be in contact with you if you are offered a place.

In order to secure your place on this course, you will need to pay a deposit within 5 days of receiving your offer letter.

If you are offered a place on this course you will need to pay a deposit of £307.50 within five days of the date of your offer email to secure your place.

You will then need to pay the remainder of the course fee within 28 days at the latest. 

Accommodation fees for this course are additional to the tuition fees.

Please see below for information about our cancellation / refund policy.

An external student housing provider is available in West London for those booked on either the four-week or eight-week Shakespeare summer courses as LAMDA does not have its own on-campus accommodation.

Rooms are on a first-come, first served basis and you must be over 18 – please contact [email protected] for further information once you have a confirmed place on the course.

The accommodation fees for this course are in addition to the tuition fees mentioned on this page.