ColLAB: Showing 1

Be First, Three's a Crowd, and sardines.

Performance Dates & Times
Wednesday 5 July at 11am
Wednesday 5 July at 7pm
Thursday 6 July at 2:30pm

The running time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

The Carne Studio Theatre

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Be First:
Contains transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, implied sexual violence, use of strobe, sudden loud noises.

Three's a Crowd:
Contains sexual themes and misogynistic language.

Contains implied coercive control.

About the pieces

Be First: The idea of landing a blow before your opponent

An episodic commentary on the battle between the patriarchy and queer individuals. It explores how members of this community confront the various situations and interactions they find themselves in and how their lives are impacted.

Saniya Saraf

Stage Management
Anya Williams

Three's a Crowd

Boho wedding photographer Sarah wants to explore polyamory. Joined with her straight-laced boyfriend Samuel, and her free-spirited Russian boytoy Oleg, Sarah embarks on a bold exploration of love in the 21st century. Is this the ideal recipe for love, or is three a crowd?

Anna Hampton

Stage Management
Maia Thompson


sardines. is a celebration of female friendship through life’s ups and downs. Following the lives of multiple friends and friendships across different times and circumstances, we explore its joy, its pain and how it gives our lives meaning. A love letter to friendship, in all its absurdity.

Max Griggs*

*External director

Stage Management
Isabel Buchanan

Production team across all pieces:

**LAMDA staff member or visiting artist

Lauren Mooney**

Production Managers
Rebecca Lyle**
Nic Donithorn**