LAMDA Short Courses


Every summer at LAMDA, we run a series of short courses between two and eight weeks long.

Taught by the same tutors and industry professionals who lead our full-time training, alongside recent LAMDA graduates and other visiting artists, these courses are an intensive learning experience designed to bring out the best in our summer students.

Open to anyone aged 16, 17 or 18 and over (depending on the course), our summer short courses take place on the LAMDA campus.

Interested in developing a greater understanding of the Bard? As well as our four-week Shakespeare short course, we also offer an eight-week LAMDA Shakespeare Summer School.

Shakespeare Courses

Choose our 8 week Shakespeare Summer School (accredited) or our 4 week Short Course (unaccredited)

Acting in English

This unique Acting in English course is designed for those who consider English as a second language and are wishing to train as an actor.

Audition Technique

Ideal for anyone thinking about applying to drama school, this course prepares students to approach the audition process with skill and confidence.

Introduction to Drama School

If you are thinking about applying to drama school, or if you have ever wondered what it's like to train as an actor, this course will help to answer those questions.

Introduction to Screen Acting

Ideal for students with some acting experience who may not have worked on camera, this course explores the essential skills required for film or television acting.